Bruce Bomier is Board Chair of Environmental Resource Council, based in Minnesota. He has degrees in Public Health / Epidemiology and Forensics and has published extensively in the areas of public health and environmental policy. He also founded one of the major environmental engineering firms in the Midwest, the Institute for Environmental Assessment (IEA), and served as its CEO for many years.

Bruce was appointed by three successive governors to serve on Minnesota’s Environmental Quality Board and for several years provided environmental and humanities commentaries on public radio. In 2007, he retired from his engineering company to serve as Board Chair of ERC.

Bruce Bomier

Mission: To serve our social and physical environments through blending science and values

Public Television and Radio Contributions

We appreciate Twin Cities Public Television and Minnesota Public Radio allowing us to reproduce a public television interview, and transcripts from several of the public radio humanities commentaries.

Television Intervew on Environmentally Safe Schools.

Radio Humanities Commentaries
For several years, Bruce provided Minnesota Public Radio with commentaries on environment, public health and social issues. The following are transcripts of three short commentaries.

Halloween, Our Easiest Holiday
Audio: 3 minutes, 15 seconds.

Banning trick-or-treating by local ordinance to modify or eliminate celebrating Halloween is wrong.

Two Crusaders
Audio: 4 minutes, 53 seconds

In the late ’80s, there was a religiously oriented effort to reach out to Black children in Atlanta, who were being targeted for kidnapping and killing. A simultaneous effort involved public bonfires of Rock ‘n’ Roll paraphernalia.

Teenage Sex
Audio: 3 minutes, 58 seconds

It’s unwise and wrong not to provide guidance to young people on the nature of human affection, including passion.


Two longtime medical cannabis advocates see progress — but more to be made

They have been guided by public health, research and reality. They are long concerned with substance abuse, of marijuana, alcohol or any other drug. They advocate cannabis as a plant-based drug that can relieve pain and provide therapeutic value if used properly. And appropriate use does not include developing teenage brains. Read more about Bruce Bomier and recent changes to cannabis law in Minnesota.

Article by Neal St. Anthony, publish date July 5, 2022.

Early leader in eco, health industries on a new mission

The longtime environmental executive and former U.S. Army scout is turning over his business to another management veteran. Read more about Bruce Bomier, Environmental Resource Council and IEA.

(Alternate link: PDF File)

Article by Neal St. Anthony, publish date February 2, 2009.

Meet the Freshwater Society's Board of Directors

A childhood spent fishing and hunting in the pristine Minnesota wilderness ignited Bruce Bomier's interest in the environment. Read more biographical information about Bruce Bomier (PDF file)

From Facets of Freshwater newsletter, published September 2006

Books by Bruce Bomier

Winner of the National Institute of Drug Abuse’s Pacesetter Award, Marijuana and the Responsible Parent (12th Edition) offers parents a practical blueprint on how to talk with their teenager (or even their pre-teen) about weed, vaping and smoking pot. As marijuana laws change, parents have the best opportunity to guide young people. Find on Amazon

Public radio humanities commentator and author of private foundation and government sponsored policy publications, Bomier delves into our emerging internet/cyberspace existence. From perspectives of prehistory, history, science, and our guiding beliefs he demonstrates that we desperately require humane, and pragmatic internet/cyberspace controls.  Find on Amazon

FICTION - Deep in a Central American jungle lies a strange valley, feared for centuries by the native Mayans. The unearthly valley holds a profound and ancient secret. A secret that will stun the world. The Irish brothers, Thomas a scientist and William an explorer, set out on a perilous expedition with a fellowship of Mayan friends and Mexican soldiers. Find on Amazon

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